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About Milkiland


Milkiland was founded in 1994 as a small dairy trading business, and since that time has grown into a leading international dairy Group with strong reputation of high-quality producer in the countries of its operations, including Ukraine, Russia, Poland and third countries markets.

Milkiland has grown mainly by acquiring and modernizing dairy plants. The milestones of our development are outlined below.



  • The 1-st stage of modern dairy farm with 1,600 milking cows headcount was put into operation
  • The reconstruction of Polish cheese-making plant Ostrowia was finished.  The sales of cheese and other dairy goods produced by this plant were started in Poland and other EU countries, export deliveries to Ukraine were opened
  • The Ostankino Dairy Combine went through rebranding 
  • The corporate structure for management of the international business of Milkiland Group was established
  • Milkiland-Agro subsidiary was established to control an agri-farms acquired for the development of in-house milk production
  • Milkiland-Intermarket subsidiary was established with a task of entering of new markets, fulfillment of operations in the international dairy commodity markets
  • The first asset of the Group in EU – cheese making plant Ostrowia in the Republic  of Poland was acquired
  • Milkiland EU subsidiary was established to control the Group’s operations in Poland and other EU countries
  • Milkiland had supported the development of dairy cooperatives movement in Ukraine thorough partner dairy cooperative “Moloko Kraina”


  • Major financial and organizational restructuring in order to continue Milkiland’s development as international Group of companies
  • Optimization of brand portfolio; sales consolidated under 3 major brands


  • OJSC “Ostankino Dairy Combine” in the city of Moskow was acquired


  • Continued development in whole milk segment Chernigiv Dairy Plant and Agrolite acquired
  • First farm partnership established


  • After major modernization of cheese plants and acquisition of Okhtyrsky Cheese Plant, Milkiland becomes a leading cheese producer in Ukraine
  • Expansion of whole milk operations Konotop Dairy Plant, and Lviv Dairy Plant acquired
  • Romny Dry Milk Plant to balance the Milkiland’s business model


  • Cheese operations started in addition to small Laktis cheese plant (integrated in 1997), Mena cheese plant acquired. Now Mena Cheese is the Group’s flagship cheese operation


  • Five small dairy plants and Sumy Dairy Plant acquired
  • The Group’s top management team formed, after the joining of Mr. Vyacheslav Rekov (currently the Group’s Non-Executive Director) and Ms. Olga Yurkevych (currently the Group’s COO)


  • Trading operations