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Office 303, 9 Boryspilska Street, 02099, P. O. Box 150, Kyiv, Ukraine.
About Milkiland

Management team

Anatoliy Yurkevych, Ph.D. (1968, Nationality: Ukraine)
Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director

Mr. Yukevych, Ph.D. in Information and Technology, is the founder of Milkiland. He occupied a position of Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Company from 28 September 2007 and was appointed as a CEO of Milkiland N.V. on 22 June 2012. He is an entrepreneur, and has a business interests in many spheres outside the dairy sector

Olga Yurkevich (1946, Nationality: Kazakhstan)
Chief Production Officer, Executive Director

Ms. Yurkevich, the Issuer’s Board Member since 2007. In 2000 she started in the Group as Director of Nizhyn Dairy Plant, and during 2002-03 accomplished major major turnaround and modernization of newly acquired Mena Cheese Plant. Ms. Yurkevich possesses broad managerial experience obtained during her tenure in a number of public and private companies. Prior to joining the Group she headed Financial Planning Department of Chimkent’s Regional Administration, Regional Consumer’s Association of Chimkent. Ms. Yurkevich holds Masters Degree from Lviv Trade and Economy Institute