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Milkiland has started an export to the People’s Republic of China

Milkiland Ukraine with the support of Milkiland Intermarket, both the subsidiaries of Milkiland Group, has concluded first contract and started supplying dry milk products produced by the Group’s Ukrainian facilities to the consumer in the PRC.

Milkiland publishes the results for first quater of 2016

On 14 May 2016 Milkiland published the results for the first quater of 2016

Milkiland publishes the results of 2015

On April 30, 2016  Milkiland has published the Annual Report of Milkiland Group for 2015

Preliminary results of 2015 and outlook for 2016

Milkiland publishes preliminary results for the year 2015 and outlook for 2016

Milkiland production facilities were included into the list of Ukrainian dairy producers cleared to export to European Union

In a view of Free Trade Zone agreement between Ukraine and EU coming into the force on January, 1, 2016, Directorate Generale SANCO of European Commission published a list of Ukrainian dairy facilities that have passed relevant audits and were cleared to export to EU starting from 10 January 2016. Three production facilities controlled by two subsidiaries of Milkiland Group, namely, Romny dairy combine and Mena cheese plant, were included into this list.