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Office 303, 9 Boryspilska Street, 02099, P. O. Box 150, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Whole milk products

Milkiland is TOP10 player in whole milk products segment of the dairy market of Ukraine and TOP3 player in Moscow-city market – the largest regional dairy market in Russia.

We market our whole milk products under international Dobryana brand and several regional brands, including Kolyada in Ukraine, Ostankinska in Russia. Also, we produce private label products for major retailers such as X5 and Metro.

Dairy drinks. In this segment, we offer wide variety of dairy drinks, including traditional for CIS market, like sterilized and pasteurized milk, kefir, ryazhenka. As a combination of traditional and modern approach, we successfully introduced in the target markets the thermostatic dairy products line – the healthiest fresh dairy products maturing exactly in the package.

Cream, sour cream and tvorog. Milkiland also focuses on production of cream, sour cream, and tvorog – widely popular in Russia, Ukraine, other CIS countries and Poland type of cottage cheese.

Yoghurts. Milkiland actively takes part in high growing yoghurt segment and offers a wide selection of drinkable and spoonable bio yoghurts in different types of packaging.